September 13, 2012
A little nap at the desk…

From China by @andreaceone via Instagram

September 12, 2012
Sleepers in Bangkok

An excellent sleeper from the talented Michel De Groot (@micheldegroot via Instagram)

June 8, 2012
I’m not the only one who sleeps on the job

Many thanks to our frequent contributor and dear, dear friend @rebeccaeleonora (via Instagram)

May 17, 2012
"Sleepy Trucker"

Jakarta, Indonesia

A very sleepy trucker indeed, achieving an almost impossible sitting sleeper. Many thanks to Erik Mahendra (via Instagram @embohpokoke).

See more of his work at 

May 11, 2012
“Nice security job!!”

From Semenenko Polina (via Instagram @poli_358) thanks to our friend John Korkidis (via Instagram @fiend_lurk) for the tag. 

May 9, 2012
Nothing Like A Lunch Time Nap In A Bulldozer

A daytime sleeper from our friend Aaron Harris in New York, NY (via Instagram @akharris)

May 7, 2012

A humorous example of sleeping while working. 

Comcast technicians aren’t the only ones sleeping on the job, bankers and journalists have also been known to occasionally catch some shut eye while on the clock.

Source:  via Youtube