May 4, 2012
Sleepy Bankers Napping On The Job - Bloomberg

More like sneaky banker with some of these nap locations, imagine a bathroom sleeper! 

Bloomberg’s BusinessWeek reports on the clandestine tactics being used on Wall Street to get get a little extra sleep.

Let’s not forget journalists also have trouble with sleeping on the job.

Highlights from the report:

  • Financial workers are the “8th most sleep deprived” workers according to the CDC’s “National Health Interview Survey” (The top four: home health aids, laywers, police officers, and paramedics).
  • Nap locations: bathrooms stalls, cars, beneath the desk, conference rooms, even a quick hour in a hotel (hopefully, just for napping). 
  • The daytime nap is so commonplace that whole forums are dedicated to it on popular Wall Street sites like Wall Street Oasis.

And a Bloomberg video report: